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Honey Trap Ullu Cast [Nov 2022]

Vinita is troubled by her mundane and routine married life where she feels neglected by her husband and with a stroke of luck, she stumbles upon a magical jar of honey which has the power to woo any man.

But with every boon comes a curse. Will honey become a trap for Vinita or will Vinita be a honey trap for others?

NAMEHoney Trap ullu
Actor, Actress Hiral Radahiya as (Vinita)
Ankush Kalyan as (Saurav)
Nesha Gupta as (Sharadha)
Imran Amir Shaikh as (Nitin)
Genre18+, Drama

Takk Ullu Cast [Nov 2022]

Shelly, flamboyant and charismatic is the star instructor of a gym that trains more women in her bedroom than in the gym. Life takes a tragic turn when he meets with an accident and injures her genitals.

The story moves on to the power of her love and her journey to regain her confidence!

NAMETakk ullu
Actor, Actress Heman Chaudhary (Shailash)
Manisha Jain (Mrs. Chopra)
Aliya Naaz (Dr. Menka)
Alia Qureshi (Receptionist)
Genre18+, Drama

Teekhi Chutney Ullu Cast [Nov 2022]

Impressed by the excitement of adventure, Aditya plans a roadtrip to his hometown with his girlfriend, Jenny. Upon reaching his home, Aditya has to deal with an urgent business matter, leaving Jenny alone with his parents.

The void of romance that Jenny feels without Aditya is filled by Aditya’s father Randhir.

NAMETeekhi Chutney ullu
Actor, Actress Noor Malabika (Jenny)
Sharad Ghore (Mr. Chauhan)
Saurabh Rana (Aditya)
Vandana Mittal (Mrs Chauhan)
Genre18+, Drama

Bidaai Charmsukh Ullu Cast

Marigold is shocked when his wife Jasmine refuses to return home, alleging that Marigold is impotent. The twist in the story comes when Marigold falls prey to the love desires of everyone but his wife, who is resilient when she does not reconcile.

The search for a lost love follows a journey of madness through a unique terrain of sensuality that Marigold had never imagined.

NAMEBidaai Charmsukh ullu
Actor, Actress Pihu Kanojia (Chameli)
Dhiraj Kumar Rai (Genda)
Pihu Jaiswal (Lajjo)
Jayashri Gaikwad (Bindiya)
Genre18+, Drama

Sultan Ullu Cast

Sultan is a star buffalo who is the talk of the town and is loved by the family for his exceptional masculinity.

But, one person who hates Sultan is Deepu, who is no good to anyone, the only child of the family who always lurks in Sultan’s shadow.

NAMESultan Ullu Cast
Actor, Actress Manraj Singh (Deepu)
Shiny Dixit (binni)
Shakti Singh (Pradhan)
Hetal Yadav (Kamlavti)
Shiwani Gossain (Sarbati)
Yujvendra Singh (Kamlesh)
Ashutosh Singh (Genda singh)
Genre18+, Drama

Walkman Ullu Cast

Roshini, a newly wed, is disappointed when her dreams and aspirations don’t stay in place, both in bed and on the bed. In a twist of fate, Roshni is captured on some tapes containing funny stories.

This becomes an avenue of color in her monochromatic life, and takes Roshini on a roller coaster of fun and exciting adventures of happiness!

NAMEWalkman Ullu Cast
Actor, Actress Ridhima Tiwari (Roshni)
Kasim (Manoj)
Dheeraj (Chandan)
Komal Sharma (Daya Bhabhi)
Ayushi Jaiswal (Sunita)
Genre18+, Drama

Lady Finger Ullu Cast

The marriage between Sarla and Dev is going through a rough phase, with Sarla unsure of Dev’s loyalty to her. She plans a mission with her friend Jhanvi to test Dev’s true intentions.

But little did she know that Sarla herself would fall into her own trap with the intention of deceiving Dev.

NAMELady Finger Ullu Cast
Actor, Actress Pallavi Debnath
Mahi Kaur
Aayushi Jaiswal
Genre18+, Drama

Charmsukh Tapan Ullu Cast

Riya’s li*bido reaches its peak when her brother-in-law Vaibhav arrives with his sister. Rhea breaks down when she learns that Vaibhav likes her friend Payal.

Eventually Rhea strikes a deal with Vaibhav, where she will help him quench his l*st for Payal, if he helps her in return.

NAMECharmsukh Tapan Ullu Cast
Actor, Actress Kajal Jha (Riya)
Noor Malabika (Rashmi)
Gaurav Rokde ( Vaibhav)
Neha Gupta (Payal)
Genre18+, Drama

Shahad Ullu Cast

Sharad’s uncontrollable physical desires are quenched when his sister-in-law, Roopa, enters his life. Pursuing his s*xual drive, he starts peeping into Roopa and Raghu’s bedroom when they are together.

The twist in the tale comes when Roopa finds out about Sharad’s fetish and decides to take action which instead of being a punishment ends up being a blessing in disguise.

NAMEShahad Ullu
Actor, Actress Priya Gamre (Roopa)
Varun Saggar (Raghu)
Prashant Rai (Sharad)
Manju Agarwal (Maa)
Genre18+, Drama

Samne Wali Khidki Ullu Cast

Ashish never thought he would fall in love again, the love of his life betrayed him and left him heartbroken. But destiny had something else to do, when Ashish saw a new tenant, Anita, across his window and fell in love immediately.

Will it fix what was broken by this chance, or will it leave an even deeper scar than before?

NAMESamne Wali Khidki Ullu
Genre18+, Drama

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