ALL Ullu Web Series Cast And Actress Name List [Jan-2024] Ullu App

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Ullu Charmsukh Web Series All Episodes List

Episode No.Episode NameDirector
Episode 1Mom And DaughterSol Kohli
Episode 2Ek Khwaab SuhaagratShubhobroto Sengupta
Episode 3BehrupiyaShubhobroto Sengupta
Episode 4Karna Zaruri HaiRohit Anand
Episode 5HighwayRohit Anand
Episode 6Pajama PartyPravin Raja
Episode 7Kaamwali Bai (Part 1 & Part 2)Pravin Raja
Episode 8Degree Wala TeacherPravin Raja
Episode 9SaudaGaurav Panjwani
Episode 10Sautela PyaarGaurav Panjwani
Episode 11Telephone BoothAmit Khanna
Episode 12Humse Na Ho PayegaAmit Khanna
Episode 13TrappedSameer Salim Khan
Episode 14PyaasGaurav Panjwani
Episode 15Jane Anjane Mein (Part 1 & Part 2)Sameer Salim Khan
Episode 16S@x EducationBhavin Wadia
Episode 17Flat 69SSK
Episode 18Jane Anjane Mein 2 (Part-1)SSK
Episode 19Jane Anjane Mein 2 (Part-2)SSK
Episode 20Role PlayAmit Khanna
Episode 21PromotionNannditaa V. Kothari
Episode 22Jane Anjane Mein 3 (Part-1)SSK
Episode 23Jane Anjane Mein 3 (Part-2)SSK
Episode 24Chawl HouseJasbir Bijender Bhati
Episode 25Jane Anjane Mein 4 (Part-1)SSK
Episode 26Jane Anjane Mein 4 (Part-2)SSK
Episode 27Meri PadosanRoy
Episode 28Aate Ki Chakki (Part-1)SSK
Episode 29Aate Ki Chakki (Part-2)SSK
Episode 30SalahkaarSSK

Ullu Web series Cast and Actress List

Here is the list and name cast of all Ullu web series उल्लू वेब सीरीज. Ullu Web Series Name List 2021.

Secretary Ullu Cast [2023]

The guilty pleasure of Ajay and Vinod consist of Vinod every night, narrating a new se*ual encounter between his boss and her secretary.

This leads to Ajay’s heightened fantasies about that secretary, and he requests Vinod to set up a meeting with her. Little does he know what fate awaits him and what the future beholds!

NAMESecretary Ullu
Actor, Actress Payal Patil (Secretary Renu)
Rohit Nigan (Ajay)
Prince (Vinod)
Ali Shaikh (CEO Mishra)
Genre18+, Drama

Mohan Chabhiwala Ullu Cast [2023]

Behind every locked door is a dark secret hidden, and Mohan chabiwala holds the key to every such door.

Mohan works as a keymaker, and in the process of doing so, he unravels some dark secrets of the women for which he works and then blackmails each one of them to get his se*ual desires fulfilled.

NAMEMohan Chabhiwala Ullu
Actor, Actress Gaurav (Chabhiwala)
IshikaBose (Ritika)
Ekta (Kanta)
Dilip Dubey (Vijay)
Genre18+, Drama

Khidki Ullu Cast [2023]

The wildfire continues to spread through the smoldering libido between the boss and secretary, which relentlessly rallies it’s way through various couples and the game of sneak peak through the cracks and windows paves the way to people infuriating the voyeurism in them!

NAMEKhidki Ullu
Actor, Actress Ruks (Girl 1)
Farhan Ansari (Boy)
Jayshree Gaikwad (Pushpa)
Neha Gupta (Riya)
Genre18+, Drama

Watchman Ullu Cast [2023]

The set of fake letters worked well to lure the women of the society into Amit’s pretentious arms. All seems rainbows and butterflies for Amit, until the day each women’s partners return in their life.

Amit’s dreamlike perfect life turns into a nightmare when all the women reject him for their respective partners.

NAMEWatchman Ullu
Actor, Actress Priya Gamre (Mamta)
Arita Paul (Chaya)
Taniya Chaterjee (Tanu)
Genre18+, Drama

Yaar Farebi Ullu Cast [Feb 2023]

When Sugandha and Kamal’s life turns into a sxal pit, Kamal’s friend Rajat comes to stay for a few days as a change from their mundane routine.

Rajat shares with Kamal some tips of the trade for a better s*x life and this changes the relationship between Sugandha and Kamal. Kamal rocks both Sugandha’s life and bed with Rajat’s help!

NAMEYaar Farebi Ullu
Actor, Actress Ashraf
Genre18+, Drama

Charmsukh – Jane Anjane Mein 6 Ullu Cast [Jan 2023]

Chandni’s mundane and routine married life takes a turn when her elder brother-in-law comes to stay at her house.

Chandni’s back begins to tighten, and so begins a tug-of-war between her integral family values and her personal lustful courage.

NAMECharmsukh – Jane Anjane Mein 6 Ullu
Actor, Actress Jinni Jazz (Chandni)
Dev Dehman (Jeth Ji)
Anmol Jain (Husband)
Gaurav Rajput (Suresh)
Genre18+, Drama

Imli Ullu Cast [Jan 2023]

Imlie arrives in the city with Raju with the dream of becoming a famous dancer but soon Raju is taken away by the police. Alone, Imlie tries to live alone in the big city while some people try to take advantage of her.

Gulab Chacha, a local vendor, gave him shelter in his house.

NAMEImli ullu
Actor, Actress Nehal Vadoliya
Basant Kumar
Vivek Tripathi
Rajesh Jaiswar
Genre18+, Drama

Namak Ullu Cast [Jan 2023]

Sapna is wracked with guilt and joy after being involved in several instances of infidelity. While the love between Rahul and Sapna is walking on thin ice,

Sapna’s ex-boyfriend comes to visit them and sparks rekindle between the two. Will the sudden disappearance of the face lead to love again or will it be the rustle of the wind that sets the forest on fire?

NAMENamak ullu
Actor, Actress Suman Das (Amit)
Muskhan agarwal (Sapna)
Jambhekar (Shopkeeper)
Anupam Ghai (Uncle)
Genre18+, Drama

I Love You Ullu Cast [Jan 2023]

Aakash is left heartbroken when the love of his life, Natasha goes out with his best friend, Suraj. Aakash’s void gets filled when Suraj’s sister, Prabha and Suraj’s mother,

Sulekha fall for him and he is left oscillating between the two.

NAMEI Love You ullu
Actor, Actress Neet Sharma (janhvi)
Nikhil Parmar (Suraj)
Vishal Bhatt (Aakash)
Poonam Rajput (Prabha)
Genre18+, Drama

Doraha Ullu Cast [Dec 2022]

Ratna gets the shock of her life when she learns that her husband has left her and run away after their first night together. Vivek, her brother-in-law comes into her life as a comforting figure and he and Ratna engage in an illicit relationship.

As all things must pass, Ratna’s life takes a major turn when Vivek gets married and Ratna’s husband

NAMEDoraha ullu
Actor, Actress Ratna ( bharti jha)
shekhar (vinit kumar)
Vivek (avnish Chaudhary )
Veena (rukmani khandelwal)
Genre18+, Drama

Love Guru Ullu Cast [Dec 2022]

Mr. Mohan is sincere, madly and deeply in love with Sonali, but lacks the charm and appeal to win her heart. With the help of a love guru who gives Mr. Mohan luscious advice and ideas,

he begins courting Sonali and after learning the tricks of the trade, he finally finds the woman of his dreams!

NAMELove Guru ullu
Actor, Actress Jinnie Jazz (Miss Sonali Verma)
Muskaan Agarwal (Sneha)
Anupam Gahoi (Mohan)
Shuman Das (Raj)
Genre18+, Drama

Dil – Do Ullu Cast [Dec 2022]

Chameli is newly married and has moved to the city with her husband. Everything is going well, until her husband meets with an accident at work and becomes paralyzed.

The responsibility of running the house fell on Chameli’s shoulders. Left with no choice, she reluctantly decides to become a s-x toy tester.

NAMEDil – Do ullu
Actor, Actress Tanya Chatterjee (Chameli)
Priya Gamre (Suzanne)
Vihaan Kapoor (John)
Genre18+, Drama

Palang Tod Siskiyaan – Season 3 Ullu Cast [Dec 2022]

Life is very busy for Babuji and Renu, until new characters enter the house posing as Chhotu’s fake brother and sister-in-law with the intention of robbing the chest.

Renu gets a little suspicious and starts investigating the couple and finds out their real identities.

NAMEPalang Tod Siskiyaan – Season 3 ullu
Actor, Actress Tarakesh Chauhan (Marry)
Malabika Das (Renu)
Priya Gamre (Sheila)
Shivkant Lakhnpal (Sanjay)
Genre18+, Drama

Jabran Ullu Cast [Nov 2022]

Sumer and Shalini’s marriage is hanging by a thread as they have different preferences when it comes to s-x. To bridge the gap in her s-x life, Sumer hatches a devious plan to get her satisfaction.

The one whom he does not see coming, how he himself gets entangled in his own deceit!

NAMEJabran ullu
Genre18+, Drama

Ishqiyapa Ullu Cast [Nov 2022]

Karan, a happy-go-lucky teenage student, falls madly in love with his newly appointed teacher, Mohini. Karan’s new love is in for a shock when he learns that the love of his life is already engaged to his brother.

Karan is shocked when he has to live with this misery for the rest of his life.

NAMEIshqiyapa ullu
Actor, Actress Ruks Khandagle (Mohini)
Amit Pachori (Arjun)
Shivangi Roy (Hayaat)
Mukund Kapahi (Karan)
Genre18+, Drama

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