All Riti Riwaj Ullu Web Series Cast : Actress Name List, Watch Online

Riti Riwaj Ullu is a great series of app which people like a lot, so Ullu has been bringing series of customs one after the other.

Cast And Crew

Today we will tell you step by step about the Riti Riwaj web series and the actress.

Riti Riwaj – Mann Marzi Cast

NAMEMann Marzi
GenreDrama, Erotic

Haldi Cast

Story : An important ceremony of celebrating divinity of marriage is – “Haldi Rasam”- where sisters of bride paint mehndi on groom’s hand as a holy custom.

What happens when their first encounter becomes an interminable journey for the newly wed ?? Come, witness an unreal story of psychotic love with Riti Riwaj Haldi.

NAMEHaldi Riti Riwaj
WEB SERIES ACTRESS , ACTOR NAME1. Paras Babbar ( Siddharth )
2. Swati Agarwal ( Smita )
3. Monika Chouhan ( Anushka )
GenreDrama, Erotic

Riti Riwaj Love Festival Cast

Story : A mind blowing tradition where married people are allowed to inhabit freely for one night with unfamiliar people of their choice.

Story on lusty affairs. Riti Riwaj Love Festival.

NAMELove Festival
WEB SERIES ACTRESS , ACTOR NAME1. Yash Pandit ( John’s )
2. Khusi Muhkerjee ( Kalki )
3. Supriya Shukla ( Hema )
4. Manvi Chugh ( Jaya )
5. Lalit Chaudhary ( Jacky )
GenreDrama, Erotic, Suspense

Pinjara Cast

Story : A simple arrangement to save a marriage deranges the orientation of an innocent bride. To avoid the bad omen in her stars, she first has to marry the groom’s sister.

But this ‘riwaj’ slashes her wings of freedom when the groom’s sister starts blackmailing her to fulfill her dark desires. What will be the fate of this bride? Watch Now RITI RIWAJ PINJARA.

NAMEPinjara Riti Riwaj
WEB SERIES ACTRESS , ACTOR NAME1. Misthi basu ( Radhika )
2. Mahi Kamla ( Natasha )
3. Suraj Soni ( Samar )
4. Nandlal Singh ( Dadda )
5. Kishan Bhan ( Samar’s Father )
GenreDrama, Erotic

Riti Riwaj Taala Chaabi Cast

Story : The two young hearts left no stone unturned in their relationship before finally getting married, where now only a small ritual lurks between their union.

They are prohibited to meet each other for about a month and this prohibition lead their marriage to desolation in form of a seductive maid.

What happens when the groom commits a sin to his lover in TAALA CHAABI.

NAMETaala Chaabi
WEB SERIES ACTRESS , ACTOR NAME1. Anushka Srivastava ( Sweety )
2. Joshua Chhabra ( Sherry )
3. Gunjan Bhati ( Pummy )
4. Simran Sharma ( Kamini )
GenreDrama, Erotic

Tijarat Cast

Story : An unusual ritual where girls are auctioned on grounds of their beauty and abilities to charm and seduce the entrants.

One with the highest bidding not only wins the auction but also is considered sacred for such undefiled youthful enchantresses. Ullu web Series Tijarat.

NAMETijarat Riti Riwaj
WEB SERIES ACTRESS , ACTOR NAME1. Anupama Prakash ( Tara )
2. Prashant Manrai ( Sachin )
3. Aanchal takalkae ( tara’s Mother )
4. Ashok Kumar Jha ( Rana Bahadur )
GenreDrama, Erotic

Riti Riwaj Water Wives Cast

Story : While Rural India is still suffering with shortage of Water, men are marrying multiples times to be able to gather more water for themselves.

Watch Water Wives to explore if it’s lack of enough water or mere thirst of desires masking this unusual tradition.

NAMEWater Wives
WEB SERIES ACTRESS , ACTOR NAME1. Sanni Singh ( Shanta )
2. Payal ( Beena )
3. Ankita Bhattacharya ( Maya )
4. Yugant Pandey ( Bhagat Ram )
5. Vipul Gupta ( Prakash )
GenreDrama, Erotic

Riti Riwaj Wife On Rent Cast

Story : After sleeping with a friend’s wife, man realised that the women he slept with – was wife on rent for days to come. Getting inspired, he excitedly arranges one for himself too. To his surprise, soon this wife on rent starts behaving as his real wife. Will this girl attain what she desires or life will take a drastic turn.

NAMEWife On Rent
WEB SERIES ACTRESS , ACTOR NAME1. Hansi Parmar ( Kusum )
2. Payal Gupta ( Rani )
3. Sagar Kudyar ( Varun )
4. Sangam Rai ( Sharey )
GenreDrama, Erotic

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