Why Toyota’s EV compact FJ Cruiser is grossly underrated

Last year’s EV compact cruiser by Toyota got a lot of us questioning. After winning concept design of the year, it’s time to get into the deeper details.

In late December, Toyota unveiled a concept car they called the EV Compact Cruiser. While taking design impressions from the late FJ Cruiser, it looks like a compact Ford Bronco with all the geometric shapes and no curves, in my opinion. Design wise, this concept looks really cool, and I think it will succeed in places a good off-roader was once loved.

Why Toyota’s EV compact FJ Cruiser is grossly underrated

For example, one press photo had a rendering of an EV compact cruiser on the beach with some surf boards on the roof. But considering the range or price of an EV compact cruiser, could it be a great buy?

However, Toyota has not released any information about this concept. More recently it was awarded Concept Design of the Year, so I guess we may be seeing some fan info.

It will certainly be a competitor to the 2-door Ford Bronco, which is having huge success (apart from blowing up the engines).

The Bronco starts at around $30,000, with the market adjusted by dealers being around 35-40 for a 2-door. I expect the EV compact cruiser to be priced around that price range too, hopefully less.

The real question is who will buy it. A soccer mom with 3 kids? A surfer in LA who wants to be eco-friendly. Maybe the idiot in high school who made it big on stocks. The concept is so demographically favorable that almost anyone can be seen driving it.

High school football star, soccer mom, vegan surfer, you name it. The Toyota EV Compact Cruiser looks attractive, yet it sends the message of “I’m here and I’m serious”.

No numbers have been released and as of now, the only photos are computer renderings and what the photographers have taken at the auto show.

However, I expect this EV compact cruiser to ride on the bZ4X’s drivetrain. So far the bZ4X has had good reviews and I expect more EVs to come out from Toyota.

They perfected hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and efficient ICE. But now, I think Toyota is finally starting to see that there’s a huge market for EV versions of cars that we never had in the form of EVs.

For example, the first EVs were either mini sedans or goofy looking hatches. But now we have almost every kind of car in EV. Pickup, Sports Car, Sedan, SUV etc.

what do you think Would you hop on this car on the hype train? Tell us in the comments below.

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