Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa: The Mona Lisa or Monna Lisa is a half of-period portrait portrayed by using way of Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci. taken into consideration an archetypal masterpiece of the Italian Renaissance, it’s been defined as “the satisfactory diagnosed, the most visited, the most written about, the maximum sung approximately, the maximum parodied artwork of artwork within the worldwide”. The painting’s novel functions consist of the issue’s enigmatic expression, the monumentality of the composition, the subtle modeling of bureaucracy, and the atmospheric illusionism.

The portrayal might be of the Italian noblewoman Lisa Gherardini, the spouse of Francesco del Giocondo. it’s a long way painted in oil on a white Lombardy poplar panel. Leonardo in no way gave the portrait to the Giocondo family, and later it’s a long way believed he left it in his will to his favored apprentice Salaì.

it’s been believed to were painted among 1503 and 1506; however, Leonardo can also have continued working on it as past due as 1517. It turned into acquired with the aid of King Francis I of France and is now an asset of the French Republic. it’s been on permanent display at the Louvre in Paris for the reason that 1797.

The Mona Lisa is one of the most valuable artwork inside the worldwide. It holds the Guinness global report for the very high-quality recognized portray coverage valuation in history at US$ a hundred million in 1962.

Mona Lisa Titles and topics

Lisa del Giocondo theory

The identify of the portray, which is understood in English as Mona Lisa, is based at the Lisa del Giocondo principle. It comes from a description through Renaissance art historian Giorgio Vasari, who wrote “Leonardo undertook to color, for Francesco del Giocondo, the portrait of Mona Lisa, his wife.”Monna in Italian is a well mannered shape of the deal originating as ma donna – similar to Ma’am, Madam, or my woman in English. This have become madonna and its contraction Monna. The name of the portray, although traditionally spelled Mona in English, is spelled in Italian as Monna Lisa, however, that is uncommon in English.

Vasari’s account of the Mona Lisa comes from his biography of Leonardo published in 1550, 31 years after the artist’s loss of life. It has long been the first-class-recognized deliver of facts on the provenance of the artwork and the identification of the sitter. Leonardo’s assistant Salaì, at his loss of life in 1524, owned a portrait which in his personal papers come to be named la Gioconda, a portrayal bequeathed to him by means of way of Leonardo.

That Leonardo painted this type of painting, and its date has been showed in 2005 while a scholar at Heidelberg college determined a marginal notice in a 1477 printing of a amount with the useful resource of ancient Roman logician Cicero. Dated October 1503, the note have become written by means of way of Leonardo’s modern Agostino Vespucci. This statement likens Leonardo to famed Greek painter Apelles, who is mentioned inside the text, and states that Leonardo became at that factor running on a portray of Lisa del Giocondo.

In reaction to the declaration of the invention of this record, Vincent Delieuvin, the Louvre consultant, stated “Leonardo da Vinci grow to be painting, in 1503, the portrait of a Florentine lady via the decision of Lisa del Giocondo. approximately this we’re now wonderful. sadly, we can’t be truely positive that this portrait of Lisa del Giocondo is the portrayal of the Louvre.”

The probable version, Lisa del Giocondo, will become a member of the Gherardini own family of Florence and Tuscany, and the wife of wealthy Florentine silk merchant Francesco del Giocondo. The portrayal is thought to be commissioned for his or her new home, and to have a good time the shipping of their second son, Andrea. The Italian call for the painting, l. a. Gioconda, way ‘jocund’ (‘glad’ or ‘jovial’) or, clearly, ‘the jocund one, a pun at the female form of Lisa’s married name, Giocondo. In French, the title los angeles Joconde has the identical this means that.

idea in Isabella D’Est

inside the contemporary catalog raisonné of Leonardo da Vinci, the most effective Isabella d’Este is documented as an conceivable opportunity.

Isabella d’Este (1474-1539) become Margravine of Mantua and the maximum well-known client of the arts of her time. Leonardo da Vinci becomes her sister Beatrice d’Este’s courtroom painter inside the Duchy of Milan.

In 1499, after the expulsion of the Sforza (his employers), Leonardo fled to the court docket of Isabella d’Este. Over a length of 3 months, Leonardo made numerous portrait drawings of Isabella (documented through letters). this kind of drawing, a profile drawing, is preserved in the Louvre and indicates similarities.

From the subsequent years 1501 to 1506, numerous letters live to tell the tale in which Isabella — at once and via sellers — pursued da Vinci with wishes for the promised execution of the (oil) portrait — the Mona Lisa falls exactly interior this period. In 1504 Isabella d’Este introduced extra interest in another motif, that is steady with the whereabouts of the portray called Mona Lisa by way of Leonardo.

The hierarchical society of the Renaissance makes the portrait of a top beauty noble woman much more likely than the partner of a modest service provider, mainly for the Mona Lisa.

The Louvre’s caveat is Isabella d’Este’s alleged blonde hair.[33] but Isabella’s pix Ambras miniature and Isabella in crimson represent brown hair and additionally further similarities (see image). Blonde hair is now maximum correctly depicted in Titian’s retrospective portrait Isabella in Black. notwithstanding its move, this identification is disputed, as the top suggests neither idealization through splendor nor similarities with the 2-shade snap shots stated above.

The visible traits of Lisa del Giocondo are unknown and no evaluation is viable.

different theories

college students have advanced numerous possibility perspectives as to the problem of the portray, too. They argue that Lisa del Giocondo turns into the assignment of a one-of-a-kind portrait, identifying at the least four specific artwork because the Mona Lisa cited by means of Vasari. numerous different women have been proposed due to the problem of the portrayal.

Isabella of Aragon, Cecilia Gallerani, Costanza d’Avalos, Duchess of Francavilla, Pacifica Brandano or Brandino, Isabela Gualanda, Caterina Sforza, Bianca Giovanna Sforza—even Salaì and Leonardo himself—are all a number of the listing of posited models portrayed within the painting. however again, the catalog raisonné Leonardo da Vinci (2019) documents the opinion that the portray probably depicts Lisa del Giocondo and that Isabella d’Este is the simplest plausible possibility.


The Mona Lisa bears a robust resemblance to many Renaissance depictions of the Virgin Mary, who come to be at that point visible as the precise for womanhood. The lady sits markedly upright in a “pozzetto” armchair together along with her palms folded, a signal of her reserved posture. Her gaze is constant on the observer.

The female seems alive to an unusual quantity, which Leonardo achieved via his method of now not drawing outlines (sfumato). The smooth mixing creates an ambiguous temper “especially in two functions: the corners of the mouth, and the corners of the eyes”.

The depiction of the sitter in a 3-vicinity profile is just like past due 15th-century works by means of Lorenzo di Credi and Agnolo di Domenico del Mazziere. Zöllner notes that the sitter’s wellknown position may be traced again to Flemish fashions and that “mainly the vertical slices of columns at both elements of the panel had precedents in Flemish portraiture.”

Woods-Marsden cites Hans Memling’s portrait of Benedetto Portinari (1487) or Italian imitations which incorporates Sebastiano Mainardi’s pendant graphics for the usage of a loggia, which has the effect of mediating a number of the sitter and the distant landscape, a function missing from Leonardo’s earlier portrait of Ginevra de Benci.

The portray end up one of the first pictures to depict the sitter in front of an imaginary panorama, and Leonardo changed into one of the first painters to use an aerial attitude. The enigmatic girl is portrayed seated in what seems to be an open loggia with dark pillar bases on either side. in the back of her, a enormous landscape recedes to icy mountains.

Winding paths and a miles-off bridge give first-rate the slightest signs of human presence. Leonardo has selected to the place the horizon line now not on the neck, as he did with Ginevra de’ Benci, however on a diploma with the eyes, for that reason linking the parent with the panorama and emphasizing the mysterious nature of the portray.

Mona Lisa has no, in fact, visible eyebrows or eyelashes, even though Vasari describes the eyebrows in detail. In 2007, French engineer Pascal Cotte brought that his ultra-excessive decision scans of the painting provide proof that the Mona Lisa turns into at the start painted with eyelashes and eyebrows, however that the ones had progressively disappeared over the years, in all likelihood due to overcleaning.

Cotte determined the portray has been revamped several instances, with adjustments made to the size of the Mona Lisa’s face and the path of her gaze. He moreover observed that in one layer the trouble modified to depicted sporting severa hairpins and a headdress embellished with pearls which modified into later scrubbed out and overpainted.

there was lots of speculation regarding the portrayal’s version and landscape. for instance, Leonardo likely painted his model faithfully thinking about her beauty isn’t constantly seen as being a few of the extraordinary, “even supposing measured via past due quattrocento or perhaps twenty-first century requirements.”

a few art work historians in jap artwork, collectively with Yukio Yashiro, argue that the panorama in the background of the image became brought about by chinese art work. however, this thesis has been contested for loss of clear evidence.

research in 2003 by using Professor Margaret Livingstone of Harvard college said that Mona Lisa’s smile disappears while discovered with direct vision, called foveal. because of the manner the human eye methods visible records, it’s far much less applicable to choose out shadows right now; but, peripheral imaginative and prescient can select out shadows well.

research in 2008 through a geomorphology professor at Urbino college and an artist-photographer found likenesses of Mona Lisa’s landscapes to some perspectives within the Montefeltro place within the Italian provinces of Pesaro and Urbino and Rimini.

Mona Lisa history

introduction and date

Of Leonardo da Vinci’s works, the Mona Lisa is the handiest portrait whose authenticity has in no manner been severely wondered, and one in all 4 works – the others being Saint Jerome inside the desert, Adoration of the Magi and The remaining Supper – whose attribution has avoided controversy. He had all started working on a portrait of Lisa del Giocondo, the model of the Mona Lisa, with the aid of the use of October 1503.

It’s a ways believed through a few that the Mona Lisa become commenced in 1503 or 1504 in Florence. in spite of the truth that the Louvre states that it modified into “possible painted between 1503 and 1506”, artwork historian Martin Kemp says that there are a few problems in confirming the dates with reality.

Alessandro Vezzosi believes that the painting is function of Leonardo’s fashion in the final years of his way of life, positioned up-1513. one-of-a-kind lecturers argue that, given the historical documentation, Leonardo might have painted the work in 1513. in line with Vasari, “after he had lingered over it four years, left it unfinished”.

In 1516, Leonardo turned into invited through using King Francis I to artwork on the Clos Lucé close to the Château d’Amboise; it’s miles believed that he took the Mona Lisa with him and persevered in paintings on it after he moved to France. artwork historian Carmen C. Bambach has concluded that Leonardo possibly persevered refining the paintings till 1516 or 1517. Leonardo’s right hand became paralytic circa 1517, which might also suggest why he left the Mona Lisa unfinished.

Circa 1505, Raphael finished a pen-and-ink sketch, in which the columns flanking the problem are more obvious. professionals universally agree that it’s a ways based totally totally on Leonardo’s portrait. one-of-a-kind later copies of the Mona Lisa, consisting of those within the country wide Museum of art, structure and layout and The Walters artwork Museum, moreover display large flanking columns. As a result, it changed into the idea that the Mona Lisa were trimmed.

but, by means of 1993, Frank Zöllner placed that the portray surface had in no manner been trimmed. This come to be proven via a series of assessments in 2004. In view of this, Vincent Delieuvin, curator of 16th-century Italian portray on the Louvre, states that the comic strip and people other copies ought to had been stimulated thru every other version, whilst Zöllner states that the sketch can be after some different Leonardo portrait of the identical problem.

The report of an October 1517 go to by using Louis d’Aragon states that the Mona Lisa was completed for the deceased Giuliano de’ Medici, Leonardo’s steward at the Belvedere Palace between 1513 and 1516—but this end up probable a blunder. constant with Vasari, the portrayal was created for the model’s husband, Francesco del Giocondo.

a few the professionals have argued that Leonardo made versions (due to the uncertainty regarding its relationship and commissioner, in addition to its fate following Leonardo’s death in 1519, and the difference of records in Raphael’s caricature—which can be explained by way of the usage of the opportunity that he made the comic strip from memory).

The hypothetical first portrait, displaying extraordinary columns, would possibly had been commissioned by using Giocondo circa 1503, and left unfinished in Leonardo’s scholar and assistant Salaì’s ownership till his demise in 1524. the second, commissioned by using Giuliano de’ Medici circa 1513, might be supplied by way of using Salaì to Francis I in 1518 and is the handiest one inside the Louvre these days.

Others remember that there was the best one authentic Mona Lisa, but are divided as to the 2 aforementioned fates. in the end within the sixteenth century, a varnish will become applied to the portray. It became stored at the Palace of Fontainebleau until Louis XIV moved it to the Palace of Versailles, in which it remained until the French Revolution. In 1797, it went on everlasting display on the Louvre.

shelter, theft, and vandalism

After the French Revolution, the portrait became moved to the Louvre but spent a quick duration in the bed room of Napoleon (d. 1821) within the Tuileries Palace. The Mona Lisa became not famous outside art global, however, inside the 1860s, a part of the French intelligentsia began to hail it as a masterwork of Renaissance portrayal. At a few level inside the Franco-Prussian struggle (1870–1871), the painting became moved from the Louvre to the Brest Arsenal.

In 1911, the portray changed into nonetheless no longer famous to maximum of the lay public. On 21 August 1911, the painting end up stolen from the Louvre.[94] The portrayal modified to first unnoticed tomorrow with the aid of painter Louis Béroud. After a few confusion approximately whether or not the portrait turned into being photographed someplace, the Louvre closed for every week for research.

French poet Guillaume Apollinaire came below suspicion and end up arrested and imprisoned. Apollinaire implicated his pal Pablo Picasso, who changed into delivered in for questioning. each have been later exonerated. The real culprit turn out to be Louvre employee Vincenzo Peruggia, who had helped construct the painting’s glass case. He completed the robbery via manner of stepping into the building inside the direction of normal hours, hiding in a broom closet, and taking walks out with the portray hidden below his coat after the museum had closed.

Peruggia emerge as an Italian patriot who believed that Leonardo’s portrayal should be returned to an Italian museum.[98] Peruggia may also additionally have been induced thru an partner whose copies of the unique should significantly upward thrust in price after the painting’s robbery.

After having saved the Mona Lisa in his condo for two years, Peruggia grew impatient and was caught while he attempted to sell it to Giovanni Poggi, director of the Uffizi Gallery in Florence. It changed into exhibited in the Uffizi Gallery for over weeks and again within the Louvre on 4 January 1914. Peruggia served six months in jail for the crime and changed into hailed for his patriotism in Italy.

A year after the robbery, Saturday night post journalist Karl Decker wrote that he met an alleged partner named Eduardo de Valfierno, who claimed to have masterminded the theft. Forger Yves Chaudron changed into to have created six copies of the painting to promote inside the US even as concealing the vicinity of the particular.[99] Decker published this account of the theft in 1932.

throughout international struggle II, it end up once more eliminated from the Louvre and taken first to the Château d’Amboise, then to the Loc-Dieu Abbey and Château de Chambord, then ultimately to the Ingres Museum in Montauban.

On 30 December 1956, Bolivian Ugo Ungaza Villegas threw a rock on the Mona Lisa at the same time as it have become on show at the Louvre. He did so with such stress that it shattered the glass case and dislodged a speck of pigment close to the left elbow. The painting have become covered through glass because of the reality a few years earlier a person who claimed to be in love with the painting had reduce it with a razor blade and tried to thieve it.

because then, bulletproof glass has been used to defend the painting from any similar assaults. in the end, on 21 April 1974, while the portrait changed into on display on the Tokyo country wide Museum, a lady sprayed it with red paint as a protest closer to that museum’s failure to offer get entry to for disabled people. On 2 August 2009, a Russian female, distraught over being denied French citizenship, threw a ceramic teacup bought on the Louvre; the vessel shattered in opposition to the glass enclosure. In each instance, the painting grow to be undamaged.

In present day many years, the portray has been briefly moved to residence renovations to the Louvre for three sports: among 1992 and 1995, from 2001 to 2005, and another time in 2019. a new queuing device introduced in 2019 reduces the amount of time museum website site visitors ought to wait in line to look on the portray. After going thru the queue, a group has about 30 seconds to look on the painting.

contemporary analysis

inside the early twenty first century, French scientist Pascal Cotte hypothesized a hidden portrait under the floor of the portray. He analyzed the portray inside the Louvre with reflective mild era beginning in 2004 and produced circumstantial proof for his idea.

Cotte admits that his studies modified into exceptional finished and simplest in assist of his hypotheses and has to now not be considered as definitive evidence. The underlying portrait appears to be of a model seeking the side and lacks flanking columns. but, does no longer fit with historic descriptions of the portrayed.

both Vasari and Gian Paolo Lomazzo describe the assignment as smiling, in evaluation to the difficulty in Cotte’s meant portrait. In 2020, Cotte posted a study alleging that the painting has an underdrawing, transferred from a preparatory drawing through the solver’s method.


The Mona Lisa has survived for greater than 500 years, and a international fee convened in 1952 referred to that “the photo is in a brilliant us of a of preservation.” It has in no way been fully restored, so the contemporary-day condition is partially because of a selection of conservation treatments the painting has handed thru. an in depth evaluation in 1933 through Madame de Gironde determined out that earlier restorers had “acted with a extremely good deal of restraint.”

notwithstanding the fact that applications of varnish made to the portray had darkened even thru the give up of the sixteenth century, an aggressive 1809 cleansing and revarnishing removed a number of the uppermost portions of the paint layer, ensuing in a washed-out appearance to the face of the discerning. regardless of the remedies, the Mona Lisa has been nicely cared for in the course of its statistics, and despite the fact that the panel’s warping caused the curators “some worries”, the 2004–05 conservation group modified into positive about the future of the artwork.

Poplar panel

sooner or later, the Mona Lisa modified into removed from its specific body. The unconstrained poplar panel warped freely with modifications in humidity, and as an end end result, a crack developed close to the top of the panel, extending right all the way down to the hairline of the determine.

From the mid-18th century to the early nineteenth century, two butterfly-formed walnut braces had been inserted into the lower back of the panel to an intensity of about one 1/3 the thickness of the panel. This intervention modified into skillfully finished and efficaciously stabilized the crack. sometime among 1888 and 1905, or possibly at some degree inside the image’s theft, the upper brace fell out. A later restorer glued and coated the ensuing socket and crack with fabric.

The image is stored underneath strict, weather-managed situations in its bulletproof glass case. The humidity is maintained at 50% ±10%, and the temperature is maintained among 18 and 21 °C. To atone for fluctuations in relative humidity, the case is supplemented with a mattress of silica gel dealt to offer fifty-five% relative humidity.


because the Mona Lisa’s poplar aid expands and contracts with changes in humidity, the picture has skilled some warping. In response to warping and swelling skilled in the course of its garage throughout global warfare II, and to put together the photograph for a show-off to honor the anniversary of Leonardo’s five hundredth birthday, the Mona Lisa changed into geared up in 1951 with a bendy o.okay.body with beech crosspieces.

This flexible body, that is used in addition to the decorative frame described beneath, exerts stress at the panel to preserve it from warping similarly. In 1970, the beech crosspieces had been switched to maple after it turn out to be placed that the beechwood had been infested with bugs. In 2004–05, a conservation and remark group modified the maple crosspieces with sycamore ones, and a similarly metal crosspiece became introduced for the scientific measurement of the panel’s warp.

The Mona Lisa has had many one of a kind decorative frames in its statistics, due to changes in taste over the centuries. In 1909, the artwork collector Comtesse de Béhague gave the portrait its current frame, a Renaissance-era paintings regular with the ancient duration of the Mona Lisa. the rims of the portray had been trimmed at least as soon as in its information to suit the photo into numerous frames, but no a part of the authentic paint layer has been trimmed.

cleaning and call-up

the first and maximum massive recorded cleansing, revarnishing, and make contact with-up of the Mona Lisa become an 1809 wash and revarnishing undertaken via the use of Jean-Marie Hooghstoel, who turned into chargeable for the restoration of art work for the galleries of the Musée Napoléon.

The paintings concerned cleaning with spirits, contact-up of colour, and revarnishing the portray. In 1906, Louvre restorer Eugene Denizard did watercolor retouches on areas of the paint layer disturbed via the usage of the crack within the panel. Denizard additionally retouched the rims of the image with varnish, to mask areas which have been blanketed first of all with the aid of the usage of an older body.

In 1913, at the same time as the portray turn out to be recovered after its robbery, Denizard grew to become once more regarded to paintings on the Mona Lisa. Denizard changed into directed to easy the image without solvent, and to gently touch up numerous scratches to the portray with watercolor. In 1952, the varnish layer over the history within the painting end up evened out. After the second 1956 attack, restorer Jean-Gabriel Goulinat changed and directed to touch up the harm to Mona Lisa’s left elbow with watercolor.

In 1977, a trendy insect infestation grow to be determined in the again of the panel as a result of crosspieces installed to preserve the painting from warping. This turn out to be dealt with right now with carbon tetrachloride, and later with an ethylene oxide remedy. In 1985, the spot became all over again handled with carbon tetrachloride as a protection degree.


On 6 April 2005—following a duration of curatorial preservation, recording, and analysis—the portray turn out to be moved to a modern area in the museum’s Salle des États. it is displayed in a motive-built, weather-managed enclosure within the back of the bulletproof glass. for the reason that 2005 the portrayal has been illuminated through an LED lamp, and in 2013 a new 20-watt LED lamp changed into installed, in particular designed for this portray.

The lamp has a color Rendering Index of up to ninety-8 and minimizes infrared and ultraviolet radiation that might in any other case degrade the painting. The renovation of the gallery wherein the painting now’s dwelling became financed thru the japanese broadcaster Nippon television. As of 2019, about 10.2 million human beings view the portray on the Louvre each 12 months.

on the 5 hundredth anniversary of the draw close’s loss of life, the Louvre held the maximum vital ever unmarried showcase of Leonardo’s works, from 24 October 2019 to 24 February 2020. The Mona Lisa become no longer covered because it became miles in such extremely good name for among site visitors to the museum; the painting remained on show in its gallery.


The Mona Lisa commenced influencing cutting-edge Florentine portrayal even earlier than its finishing touch. Raphael, who has been to Leonardo’s workshop numerous instances, directly used factors of the portrait’s composition and format in several of his works, including a younger woman with a Unicorn, and Portrait of Maddalena Doni (c. 1506).

Later artwork with the useful resource of Raphael, along with los angeles velata (1515–16) and Portrait of Baldassare Castiglione (c. 1514–15), persisted to borrow from Leonardo’s art work. Zollner states that “None of Leonardo’s works may exert extra impact upon the evolution of the genre than the Mona Lisa. It have become the definitive example of the Renaissance portrait and possibly because of that is seen not simply because the likeness of a real character, however additionally because of the embodiment of a super.”

Early commentators together with Vasari and André Félibien praised the picture for its realism, but via the Victorian technology, writers commenced to treat the Mona Lisa as imbued with a experience of mystery and romance.

In 1859, Théophile Gautier wrote that the Mona Lisa changed right into a “sphinx of splendor who smiles so mysteriously” and that “below the form expressed one feels a perception that is indistinct, countless, inexpressible. One is moved, .. repressed desires wish that stress one to melancholy, stir painfully.” Walter Pater’s famous essay of 1869 described the sitter as “older than the rocks amongst which she sits; like the vampire, she has been vain usually, and discovered the secrets and techniques and strategies of the grave; and has been a diver within the deep seas, and maintains their fallen day about her.”

thru the early twentieth century, a few critics commenced feeling the painting had turn out to be a repository for subjective exegeses and theories. Upon the portray’s theft in 1911, Renaissance historian Bernard Berenson admitted that it had “simply come to be an incubus, and he changed into satisfied to be rid of her.”

Jean Metzinger’s Le passûter was an showcase on the 1911 Salon d’Automne and was mockingly described as “Joconde à l. a. chiller” (Mona Lisa with a spoon) by using the usage of paintings critic Louis Vauxcelles on the front web page of Gil Blas. André Salmon in the long run described the portrayal as “The Mona Lisa of Cubism”.

The avant-garde paintings internationally has made remark of the Mona Lisa’s simple popularity. because of the painting’s overwhelming stature, Dadaists and Surrealists regularly produce changes and caricatures.

In 1883, Le Rire, an image of a Mona Lisa smoking a pipe, thru Sapeck, was shown at the “Incoherent” show in Paris. In 1919, Marcel Duchamp, one of the most influential present day artists, created L.H.O.O.Q., a Mona Lisa parody made via decorating a cheap replica with a mustache and goatee. Duchamp introduced an inscription.

at the same time as take a look at out loud in French seems like “Elle a chaud au cul” because of this: “she has a heat ass”, implying the lady inside the painting is in a nation of sexual delight and supposed as a Freudian shaggy dog story. in step with Rhonda R. Shearer, the apparent replica is in truth a replica partly modeled on Duchamp’s very own face.

Salvador Dalí, famous for his surrealist paintings, painted the Self-portrait of Mona Lisa in 1954. Andy Warhol created serigraph prints of a couple of Mona Lisas, known as Thirty Are higher than One, following the portrayer’s go to to america in 1963. The French urban artist is known pseudonymously as Invader has created versions of the Mona Lisa on metropolis walls in Paris and Tokyo with the use of a mosaic fashion. A 2014 New Yorker mag cool animated film parodies the meant enigma of the Mona Lisa smile in an animation displaying often extra maniacal smiles.


these days the Mona Lisa is considered the maximum famous portray within the world, a holiday spot portray, but until the 20 th century, it become truly one every of many distinctly appeared works of artwork. As quickly as part of King Francis I of France’s collection, the Mona Lisa was a few of the first artworks to be exhibited within the Louvre.

Which has turn out to be a national museum after the French Revolution. Leonardo began to be revered as a genius, and the portray’s recognition grew within the mid-nineteenth century whilst the French intelligentsia praised it as mysterious and a representation of the femme fatale. The Baedeker guide in 1878 referred to as “the most celebrated paintings of Leonardo in the Louvre”, however, the painting turned into diagnosed greater by using the use of the intelligentsia than the general public.

The 1911 robbery of the Mona Lisa and its subsequent go back have become recommended global, main to huge growth inside the public reputation of the portray. at some degree within the twentieth century, it become an item for a mass duplicate, merchandising, lampooning, and speculation, and changed into claimed to had been reproduced in “300 art work and a pair of,000 classified ads”.

The Mona Lisa was regarded as “truely each different Leonardo until early closing century, while the scandal of the painting’s theft from the Louvre and subsequent go lower back kept a spotlight on it over numerous years.”

From December 1962 to March 1963, the French government lent it to us to be displayed in the huge apple city and Washington, D.C. It become shipped on the brand new ocean liner SS France. In new york, an anticipated 1.7 million humans queued “to be able to cast a glance on the Mona Lisa for 20 seconds or so.” while exhibited in the Metropolitan Museum of art work, the portray turned into nearly sopping wet in water due to a faulty sprinkler, however the portrayer’s bullet-proof glass case protected it.

In 1974, the portrayal turn out to be exhibited in Tokyo and Moscow.

In 2014, 9. 3 million people visited the Louvre. Former director Henri Loyrette reckoned that “80 percent of the human beings best need to have a look at the Mona Lisa.”

economic without a doubt worth

earlier than the 1962–1963 excursion, the portray changed into assessed for coverage at $a hundred million (equivalent to $670 million in 2020), making it, in exercise, the most significantly valued portray inside the international. The insurance turned into not offered; alternatively, more becomes spent on protection.

In 2014, a France 24 article encouraged that the portray can be offered to assist ease the national debt, even though it changed into found that the Mona Lisa and other such art work works were prohibited from being offered because of French history law, which states that “Collections held in museums that belong to the general public our bodies are taken into consideration public assets and can’t be otherwise.

Early versions and copies

Prado Museum l. a. Gioconda

A model of Mona Lisa called Mujer de mano de Leonardo Abince (“girl with the aid of Leonardo da Vinci’s hand”, Museo del Prado, Madrid) modified for hundreds of years considered to be a piece by way of using Leonardo.

however, due to the fact that it’s healing in 2012, it’s miles now a concept to have been executed by considered one of Leonardo’s pupils in his studio on the same time as Mona Lisa modified into being painted. The Prado’s quit that the portrayed is probably with the useful resource of Salaì (1480–1524) or with the aid of Melzi (1493–1572) has been known as into question by others.

The restored portrayal is from a barely precise attitude than the original Mona Lisa, leading to the speculation that it’s miles a part of the world’s first stereoscopic pair. but, a greater contemporary file has confirmed that this stereoscopic pair, in reality, offers no reliable stereoscopic depth.

Isleworth Mona Lisa

A model of the Mona Lisa called the Isleworth Mona Lisa have become first bought with the useful resource of an English nobleman in 1778 and modified into rediscovered in 1913 with the aid of Hugh Blaker, an paintings gourmand. The painting became provided to the media in 2012 with the aid of the Mona Lisa basis. It’s miles a painting of the same venture as Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. The present day scholarly consensus on attribution is unsure.

some specialists, at the side of Frank Zöllner, Martin Kemp, and Luke Syson denied the attribution to Leonardo. Professors consisting of Salvatore Lorusso, Andrea Natali, and John F Asmus supported it. Others like Alessandro Vezzosi and Carlo Pedretti have been uncertain.

Hermitage Mona Lisa

A version referred to as the Hermitage Mona Lisa is in the Hermitage Museum and it turn out to be made by an unknown 16th-century artist. This portrait may be very one-of-a-kind from the Mona Lisa of Louvre; the maximum crucial difference issues the girl’s face: proper here the protagonist is a lot more youthful than the woman shown within the well-known Louvre photograph.

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