Maruti will unveil two of its powerful SUVs at the Auto Expo

After making its mark in the hatchback segment, Maruti Suzuki is now going to show wonders in the SUV segment as well. To this end, the company has recently launched a new Breza and is coming up with another new mid-size hybrid SUV on July 20th.

Maruti Puri is planning to dominate this segment. In this series, the company will unveil two of its new coolest cars at Auto Expo 2023.

Auto Expo was organized

The Auto Expo will be held in the second week of January, 2023 from the 13th to the 18th. Notably, no such event has taken place since February 2020, due to the Corona epidemic.

Maruti Suzuki Gym

At the Auto Expo 2023, Maruti will officially announce its off-road gymnasium. The long awaited car has been launched in India. Let me tell you that Maruti is already selling this car in overseas markets.

It is manufactured in India as well as Japan and Brazil. There are reports that the new five-door model of this off-road SUV will be launched in India.

The Maruti Jimmy will come with this engine and technology

According to the news, the car will be offered with a 1.5 liter petrol engine with mild hybrid technology. The 5-door gymnasium will have a length of 3,850mm, a width of 1,645mm and a height of 1,730mm.

At the same time, its wheelbase will be 2,550mm. It will also have an all-wheel drive option.

New Compact Size Cross on SUV ‘YTB’

Along with the gym, Maruti will also offer a compact size cross-over SUV. Its inner name is YTB. Its design will be similar to that of the company’s Blaeno and Futuro E-Concept.

Futuro E-Concept was first showcased by Maruti at the 2020 Auto Expo. It will have many modern technology features like 360 view camera, HUD display, touch screen infotainment, connected car and ESP.

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